Dental Effects, LLC

Welcome to Dental Effects, LLC

We are satisfied when your customers are satisfied. At Dental Effects we understand that, as a dental professional, you are relying on us to uphold the reputation of your business.  We recognize the risk you take by employing external labs fill your custom dental restoration orders. We endeavor to minimize that risk by providing consistent service and top-of-the-line products.

Each dental restoration order is carefully crafted to meet the unique specifications needed by individual customers. We take even the smallest details into account during the entire process. We utilize computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology to achieve the highest degree of accuracy.  Our skilled technicians are thoroughly trained on all of our equipment and understand our company standards. Continued education is essential to any successful dental practice, and our staff strives to continually improve our skills and knowledge of the latest equipment and technological developments.

We selectively choose our materials based upon their strength and durability.  Our technicians are trained to properly handle and use all of our materials. Quality control methods are in place to ensure the quality of the final restoration.

The esthetic appearance is a vital aspect of the production of our restoration pieces. Our staff of professionals make a concerted effort to provide custom, highly esthetic and functional restorations, that are durable, provide a healthy gingival environment, fit appropriately, and appear like natural teeth. 

Our services are available throughout the United States. Part of our commitment to providing excellent products is providing them in a timely fashion.  We recognize that your time and your patient’s time are valuable, and each order is fulfilled as proficiently as possible. 

It is our main objective to provide only the highest quality of esthetic products with great customer service to develop a continued relationship with you as our businesses continue to develop.