About Us


Dental Effects was opened in 1976 by, Les Hopkins. Les was an incredibility talented technician. He had a understanding of the materials he used that could not be surpassed. He would customize everything (tools,brushes, benches, furnaces,etc.) to give him the precision he was after.

In 1999 Les's son Scott took over the lab. Scott has continued the hand-crafted methods he learned from his father. He has also incorporated CAD-CAM technology. Being a small lab with a CAD-CAM system allows us huge advantages. We are able to design and mill everything in lab. Also we have the ability to customize every restoration post milling and prior to delivery!

In conclusion, Dental Effects, will add so much value to your practice. Weather its our experience, family owned for over 40 years. Our knowledge, Scott does every procedure himself, not an assembly line mentality. Or our commitment to progression, employing CAD-CAM  technology and understanding hand-crafted methods. We are excited to hear form you and prove that we are the best at Emulating Nature!